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Extra Services


We offer several add-on and additional services in an effort to accommodate all of your cleaning needs.  If however, you do not find the service(s) you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at 480.525.0717 or email us at  We are happy to discuss your specific cleaning needs to see if we may be of assistance to you.


Add-On Services

 Oven Cleaning

A clean oven doesn't have to include hours of scrubbing and a sore back!  Opulence Cleaning will save you the agony and tackle the inside of your oven so you can rest easy. 






Food spills and soils not only look gross - they can really stink up the refrigerator.  But we don't mind the mess!  We can get your fridge back to looking (and smelling) brand new.


Moving out or just have dirty cabinets?  Our inside cabinet cleaning services will get rid of all the dust, dirt and debris inside your cabinets and cabinet drawers so they are back to new.  

Cleaning windows is a pain to do yourself! Avoid the hassle and let us make them sparkle and streak-free!  


 Wall Cleaning

Whether its doggie drool or little sticky hand prints, we can wipe the mess away!  A great addition to a deep clean - make your house sparkle from floor to ceiling!  


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